Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection

Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection

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This is an ongoing project to plot both existing and former Electric Railways of Canada using Google Earth. We have uploaded the map as a KMZ file which may be accessed in Google Earth or ArcGIS Explorer. Both programmes are freely available. Any other programme that supports KML will also be able to access this map, including ArcGlobe. We recommend that only computers four years old or newer should utilize these programmes. The .kml/.kmz file structure also works on most mobile gps units as well making it entirely portable and useable in the field.  

The map layers are organized into current (existing) trackage and abandoned trackage by colour. Amber for 'abandoned' and Yellow for 'in service' These sections are subdivided by railway in a directory tree and essential details including when a particular railway was constructed, changed hands and if applicable, abandoned are also included where possible. Note that as this is an ongoing project, it is incomplete at this time and is currently available only as an alpha release.


We envision that this map can be added to or modified in many ways. For example, the layers contained in this map could be easily reorganized so as to illustrate the chronological evolution of the railway system. It could also be expanded in a particular area to give a more local perspective, or integrated with other data such as roads and buildings to give an expanded historical image of a certain place or time. If you seek to change and subsequently share the files in this map, please see the distribution license at the bottom of this page.


The ultimate goal of this project is to provide an easily navigable and freely available source for information on all manner of Canadian Electric railway systems both in its past and current states. In order to achieve this, we have included a number of features to make the data easy to understand and navigate

  • Currently active railways illustrated with Yellow; abandoned lines in Amber.
    • Spur lines and yard trackage shown where possible
    • Interchanges/junctions shown.
    • Double trackage is shown.
    • Trackage in use for less than 2 years may not be shown.
    • Railway lines, as well as other features such as stations can be made invisible or visible to show the railways as operated at certain times, by certain companies, etc.
  • Railway lines are organized by ownership, so that railways that have been merged are represented as subdirectories of the resultant company in the directory tree.
    • Object properties contain information on construction and current status.
  • Stations shown as placemarks; when clicked on they will show information about the operation and present status of the facility.
  • Car barn trackage shown where possible/practical or maps are avaliable.

 Click below for a sample:


It is hoped that all Electric railways in Canada will be included in the map eventually, including street railways and industrial or independant lines, but progress is slow and sometimes difficult.  The author has tried wherever possible to uphold a high standard of accuracy and exactitude in every aspect of this project. Therefore, I welcome any contribution of information (maps are particularly welcome!) to help refine, revise or expand a portion of the map.


 The map data and information contained in the Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. To summarize, you are free to share and modify this work in any way so long as you appropriately attribute it and distribute under a license identical to this one. Official License.

 Click here to download the Canadian Electric Railway Map Collection

Release Mark: Alpha 32

Last updated: 21st January 2022

Remember to delete all prior map files from your "My Places" in Google Earth before opening this new file to prevent unnecessary duplication.

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