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Posted by Paul Delamere on July 9, 2013 at 10:25 PM

Greetings e-rail fans. This is a minor update. Recently I have been working on my companion project, the Ontario Railway Map Collection 

I am adding new information to the Canada Southern Railway courtesy of Terry Link and his site on the Caso His is the most comprehensive site on Caso operations available anywhere and I recommend paying it a visit.

While researching the vast new collection of maps he posted I came across some wonderful tidbits in Charing Cross, Maidstone, and Gordon station near Amherstburg, all in southwest Ontario. At Charing cross where the Chatham Wallaceburg and Lake Erie crossed the Caso, I have drawn out the interchange track and corrected the right of way to reflect how it passed beneath the Caso, and added several new station markers with mileages. At Maidstone, I have been able to correctly route the Windsor Essex and Lakeshore Rapid Railway around the Caso Maidstone station property. At Gordon station, I have been able to correctly position the right of way for the Sandwich Windsor and Amherstburg Railway to reflect where the highway used to run in that area as it has been re-aligned in the years since the trams ran to Amherstburg.

There are some other minor adjustments to the Toronto Suburban Railway at Acton thanks to an aerial photo I found at the Collections Canada Website as well as some new bridge photos attached to the markers on the Southwest Traction Company line at Lynhurst and St. Thomas, as well as a minor realignment to that line at Lynhurst underpass.


Also of note is the repositioning of the Fraser Valley Railway Society marker on the British Columbia Electric Railway to reflect their new home and the new track connecting their car house with the old BCER right of way.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Paul Delamere

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