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Posted by Paul Delamere on March 31, 2013 at 11:15 PM

Greetings E-rail fans. This first system updated is the Peterborough and Ashburnham Street Railway and later known as the Peterborough Radial Railway. Thanks go to Mr. Gordon Young, edtior of the Lakefield Heritage Research for his in depth assistance. He contacted me to make inquiries regarding the map and that is when I noticed the image over Peterborough in Google Earth had been updated and realigned, so the entire system has been redrawn and improved. With information from Mr. Young, all passing sidings in the city proper have been drawn to a centre of road double track alignment and information added to the text to reflect southbound cars were superior over northbound cars. Also added is a 3 track tripper car waiting yard on a small plot of land on the southeast corner of Park street north and Charlotte street. The loop at Newall Park at the bottom of Lock street has been added. This system was unique as it had two loops but used double ended cars, a very unusual combination. You will also find stops added to the Water street portion of the line. Further details regarding the track layout and dimensions of the King street car house have been added thanks to the Goad's Fire insurance plan of 1916 updated to 1925. Also added is the original coal fired steam powered power house on the King street car house property, as well as the Aylmer street power substation that replaced it in 1924.


The largest new addition is the interurban line that was constructed between Langton street on the west side of Water street and Lakefield. Built late in the career of the system, it is unknown if it ever carried any revenue traffic between the two towns, but there are photos that exist of interurban cars decked out in the Peterborough Radial Railway livery.


Also due to conversations between Mr. Young and myself I have now added the Canadian General Electric test track in the Industrial Railways folder for Ontario. This system was built almost entirely on the right of way for the abandoned Peterborough and Chemong Lake Railway, a former Grand Trunk Railway property. The test line began on the property of Canadian General Electric within Peterborough. The vehicles being tested were operated under wire from the streetcar assembly hall until outdoors. Then a dual feed battery and catenery powered motor would drag the test vehicles across the CGE yard under battery power due to the Canadian Pacific Railway not allowing catenery over their tracks that serviced CGE. Once the test vehicle had reached the street railway system via a connection on Wolfe street they would travel under their own power until they reached the intersection of George street north and Parkhill road west. They would turn west onto Parkhill using their own tracks and power, cross the GTRy Lakefield line and travel up the west side of the GTR tracks until reaching the Peterborough and Chemong Lake line interchange right of way. From there they followed the Peterborough Cand Chemong Lake right of way until reaching the end of steel at Cumberland street. This section of the system was independently supplied power from a power house built for the line by CGE located at the southwest corner of Lee street and Birch avenue. National Air Photo Library images were used to confirm the location of the power house as well as the track route between the interchange right of way and Parkhill road.


The big news this update is the Vancouver street system of the British Columbia Electric Raiway. Just about every line has been redrawn, measured, retitled or realigned in some way. Starting with this system and with any further updates, track centres are now measured as well as radiuses on curves and at street intersections. Extensive use of the National Air Photo Library online has allowed corrections to rights of way to reflect original paths where modern street alignments now occur. I have also added many dozens of photos thanks to the Royal BC archive and the City of Vancouver archive online. The Prior street shops and the Mount Pleasant car house have beeen extensively redrawn and thanks to a blueprint from the Royal BC archives track data and dimensions have also been added. I have begun adding car stop locations as well as station photos to the markers. There is still much to do but it is miles ahead of where it was.


I am still in need of a track plan for the Sapperton car house and user data for the freight line spurs.


Montreal is next.


Thank you for your continued interest and support.


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