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File Alpha 18 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on June 10, 2012 at 4:50 PM

Greetings e-railers. This update is for the Sandwich Windsor and Amherstburg Railway with aditions to the Windsor Lakeshore and Essex Rapid Railway.

Windsor was completely redrawn from the ground up using the latest techniques as well as street by street drawing of individual portions of the system so they may be more accurately identified. Now when you click on the northbound track of Ouelette avenue a text box will pop up and tell you so instead of the entire route. I have also added photograph links mostly sourced from A single click on a camera icon opens a pop up box with the link to the page the photo came from. A double click will take you to the photogaphers point of view for a cool then and now idea when combined with Google Streetview. Many thanks to the folks at and all of their contributors. I love the Google images over Victoria avenue and Elm avenue. The roadbed for the tracks on those streets are still clearly visible.

Photos along the line for the Windsor Lakeshoe and Essex Rapid Railway have also been added.


File Alpha 17 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on June 2, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Greetings e-rail fans. Todays update is mostly centred around the Niagara St.Catharines and Toronto Railway, the inclusion of perspective view photos and the Hanlan's Ferry loop of the TTC in Toronto.

I found a fantastic aerial photo overlay in .kml for the Niagara region and was able to go back as far as 1921 and actually see where things were. Coupled with the mileags and stops charts I was able to pinpoint the stops on the lines to within a few feet of their original locations were. Where avaliable, photos have been linked to the station markers or sidings etcetera along the lines. I am still in need of a good track plan for the St Catharines carhouse and shops as well as a map  showing the east end of the St.Catharines yard layout. Also does anyone know the extent of electrification in the St.Catharines industrial park to the north and east of the yard? Further to that, if anyone knows any of the users of the industrial spurs not already noted on the map please let me know.

! recently started adding photo links to my map line and markers to support what I was drawing. I also recently began to add photos from the camera persons point of view. So now, instead of just attaching a photo link to the marker or line, I am placing a camera icon in the position of the photographer so you can see the photo in context. Double click the icon for the perspective view or single click for the link(usually) for the data page.You can switch to streetview in many cases to get a todays perspective as well. I'm going to be adding hundreds of these.  Have a poke around the London - St Thomas - Port Stanley area to see a bunch. Photo links are now being solicited.

Finally is the journey of discovery that all this has taken me on. I have been working with Mr.Gord McOuat (pronounced McHewitt) on the TTC and a mystery popped up. A photo of a streetcar loop direcly in front of the Hanlans ferry docks, but no maps of the period to support it. This loop existed between 1921 and 1927 until the Bay street underpass was completed and the line moved onto Bay and Queens Quay, with a new loop at the foot of York. Using period images avaliable from the Toronto Archive, I was able to show the line started at Front street east of Bay and used the temporary bridge built over the railway yards to get down to Lake street(no longer exists). From there it traveled west to approximately 500 feet west of Bay street where it turned south on a private right of way. There was one nominal curve to the east at todays Harbour street and then into the ferry wharf loop south of todays Queens Quay. Photos attached to the lines and with nearby camera icons prove this out. I live for this.

Thank you to all who helped out recently including Mr.Rob Sterne of London.

File Alpha 16 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on April 8, 2012 at 3:45 PM

Greetings e-rail fans. This update is centred around the Toronto Transit Commission streetcar system. I will take this opportunity to remind folks that my maps are drawn in an all time fasion and do not represent a specific era or route as designated by the T.T.C. My goal is to, as near as possible, recreate in its original location, any tracks that the TTC inherited in 1921 or any tracks the TTC has laid or abandoned since.

You will find the entire map has been redrawn. Now added to the system are :

Carhouses - Dundas, Lansdowne, King, Bloor, Scarborough Beach, Yorkville, the Toronto Suburban's St.Clair as well as the Toronto and York's Glen Echo, Grenadier and Birchcliffe carhouses. Most of the polygons and carhouse markers now have Toronto Archive photos attached so please click on them to see. Powerhouses and substations, stops, stations and shelters are marked and in alot of instances supported by photo links as well.

Yards - George street, Wade avenue, Hanson street and Sherbourne. I need a map of the Harbour yard or any I have missed if anyone can help. Also needed is a map or aerial photo that details the link between Lake street west of Bay street and the Hanlans' Ferry loop south of Queens Quay between 1921 and 1926.

Individually drawn intersections, loops, sidings, spurs, wyes, yards and associated tracks, crossovers, and street by street drawing allows me to add links to photos or data about these features so please click on them. The linked photos of the Canadian National Exhibition loops are very cool.

Diversions including Dundas at Dupont and Gerrard at Carlaw.

As much of the Toronto Suburban and Toronto and York lines within the borders of Toronto in 1921 with the stop numbers of both eras where possible.

Thanks to the Toronto Archive for their excellent photo library that features the streetcars over the years. This has helped me provide a fairly accurate map .

I am also very grateful to Mr. Gordon McOuat for his indepth assistance.

As with all my prior work this is a beta release and is subject to change. If you are aware of any inaccuracies please contact the author.

File Alpha 15 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on February 17, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Greetings fan of Canadian e-rail. This update includes new maps or information on the Toronto Suburban Railway, the Expo Express and the Cape Breton Electric Company.

Recently a British Pathe video clip was reposted  to Cdn-E-Rys group at Yahoo that brings to life many portions of the line between Runnymede road in west Toronto and Eldorado Park near Brampton Ontario. This video and some newly avaliable aerial photographs as well as coversations with Mr. Robert J Sandusky  has given me reason to redraw the Lambton carhouse and tracks, the section between Jane street and the Canadian Pacific overpass, the Montgomery curve and add the power substation there, the Summerville curve (at Markland Woods G&CC) the interchange with the CPR at Cooksville and the row between Dundas and Burnhamthorpe in the Mississauga Valley. The sidings have been added along the line that were not previously marked. The stations and stops markers have all been revised and new information added where avaliable. Anyone with a complete stations list from any era is urged to share it with the author.

Many thanks to Mr.David.Wyatt ( who has supplied me a map of the Expo Express, a 5.7 km surface rail commuter system built for the 1967 Worlds Exposition in Montreal. This system had 5 stations and a service yard at Laronde. After expo a reduced service was offered until abandonment in 1972. This was a 3rd rail electric system and the first fully automated system of its kind in Canada.

I was recently allowed membership to a chat group based in Nova scotia and was allowed to post a plea for information regarding the electrics in that province. I did recieve a reply from Mr.Ken Cairns. The result is this work on the Cape Breton Electric Railway. Anyone with any further information is urged to contact the author.

File Alpha 14 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on December 11, 2011 at 2:10 PM

Greetings e-rail fans. This update has two main components, the first being the addition of the Fort William and Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) street railway systems. They were originally just one system, the Port Arthur Street Railway.

I was fortunate to come across a map the Fort William section of the system from 1913 and the same map updated to about 1923 that were highly detailed and it is reflected in my map as well. This was a well conncted systen with interchanges with the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canadian Northern Railway and a lesser known electric railway called the Mount McKay and Kakabeka Railway.

Anyone having any knowledge of the route of the M.M.&K.Ry please contact me.

I am also in need of better infomation regarding the all Port Arthur end end of the system as I have only been able to find just the most basic details.

The second update feature is the improvements made to the Scarboro Electric Street Railway map. Many thanks to Mr. Tom Luton again for his assistance that led me to a mileage and stops chart for most of the system east of Victoria Park avenue. Combined with historical images and accurate measuring tools I have recreated the stops to the end of the line and marked out the car barn as well. I am still seeking a track layout for or images of  the car barn and any power house/substation for the system, as well as the locations for the original 11 stops from Coxwell and Queen to Victoria Park.

I continue to seek any information on any system am deeply grateful for help with and interest in this historical document.

Please remember to delete any previous copies of the map file from "My Places" in Google Earth to avoid duplication.

File Alpha 13 released.

Posted by Paul Delamere on August 14, 2011 at 4:05 PM

Greetings e-rail fans. This update is based on the Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company from 1891 to 1955. Also included are the Winnipeg,Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway and Suburban Electric Railway Company, two connected interurban railways.

Many thanks to David Wyatt for his assistance with maps of these systems.

As per usual I am always in need of further documentation or track layouts for the north and south car barns, and the Main street car barn after 1901. I am also seeking a stops list outside of the downtown area, mileage charts, or any other information not already listed in regards to facilities of the company such as power sub-stations or stations not already marked.

Please delete any prior copies of the map file in "My Places" of Google Earth before downloading your latest file.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.


File Alpha 12 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on July 24, 2011 at 1:29 PM

This update is possible due to the recent and generous contribution of maps by Mr. David A. Wyatt.

This update is centred around the Nova Scotia Light and Power Company and the Halifax electric street railway that ran from 1896 to 1949. It began as an animal railway in 1866.

The map is drawn from a 1954 Omer Lavalee map showing the system as it was abandoned in 1949. Additional information from a previous incarnation is also included.

Information regarding the two known car barns especially track layouts and dimensions as well as any other physical landmarks such as power substations and terminals are still needed.

Mr. Wyatt's website is here:

File Alpha 11 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on June 20, 2011 at 12:38 AM

Greetings e-rail fans.

This update is primarily about the Levis Tramway Company. The city of Levis (pronounced LehVee) is located directly south of Quebec City across the St.Lawrence river. This system recovered from a devastating car house fire in 1921 and lasted until 1948. The system also included an elevator.

Also updated is the area around Dundas Ontario, specifically the Canada Cut and Crushed Stone and the Hamilton and Dundas Street lines. Further details were added to the dumper area and the switchbacks line of the CCCS including its powerhouse. The H&D line got it's 4 track CCCS yard. The H&D line also got a revision in the area were it crossed what is now the 403.

St.Thomas has received some new details as well for the street railway and the London and Lake Erie line. Their respective car houses and trackage are now marked out as well as a long sought after connection between the L&LE and the Michigan Central CASO.

A station location marker was also added for Brittania Village on Ottawa Electric Railway.

Please remember to delete your previous copy of the map file from "My Places" in Google Earth.

Thank you for your interest.



File Alpha 10 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on February 18, 2011 at 7:03 PM

Greeting erail fans from the chilly west of Canada.


This update is based around the the historical Canada Cut and Crushed Stone electric freight line that once worked the gravel pits on the northern brow of the Dundas valley until the 1970's.

This system had some very interesting features. It was constructed as a narrow guage railway with its electric cantenary to one side versus a more traditional overhead setup. A portion of the line was double tracked and I remember seeing rails on the bridge over Harvest road. If you use the clock feature in Google Earth you can roll back the images for the area and see the bridge in its original location.

It also utilized some old motive power (much modified) and equipment from shuttered street and interurban systems in the area keeping them useful for many years beyond their original intent. 

This map was interpreted from period aerial photos and is by no means complete .If you are aware of further information I would be glad to see it.


Thank you for your patience since my last post in August. I have moved to central western Canada for a new job. I hope to have new information soon on the Levis County Railway and other additions to share.


Thank you for your continued interest and support.



File Alpha 09 released

Posted by Paul Delamere on August 12, 2010 at 6:46 PM

Greetings E-rail fans.


This update is centred around the once mighty British Columbia Electric Railway and todays Vancouver Skytrain and Metro systems.


The B.C.E.Ry has it's roots in the early 1890's and carried passengers until 1958. This system was comprised of several elements including the Vancouver, Victoria, North Vancouver and New Westminster street railways, several interurban routes including the scenic Chilliwack and Saanich routes, freight lines and hydro electric dam construction lines.

I have done my best to faithfully re-create this system in as much detail as possible with the maps that are currently avaliable, but much is still missing. If anyone can dispute my work I would appreciate the criticism.


The Skytrain system is a modern light rail rapid transit system with two main components: The Expo and Millenium lines which are powered by an inductive pick-up system, and the Canada line which uses a 3rd rail system. Both of these systems have announced plans for future expansions.


Of note is the Demonstration line between Granville island and the Olympic village that operated Bombardier light rail transit (modern streetcars) during the Olympics in 2010. It is hoped this will expand into a modern street rail system for Vancouver in the future.


Finally is the Historic Nelson street railway and current Nelson Electric Tramway Society in Nelson B.C. The Scoiety runs a short loop on the Nelson waterfront with plans to expand further into Nelson.


There is still much to be done and I see no end in sight, but this the last major addition to the collection as a unit. Further additions and changes will continue to be done as new information becomes avaliable. I look forward to getting  a copy of Thomas Grumleys' new book on the Levis Tramway in Quebec. In the meantime I will continue to study further and look forward to many years of discovering new tidbits to improve the collection.