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Posted by Paul Delamere on April 2, 2016 at 4:55 PM

Many thanks to Mr. Bernie Geiger of the Ottawa Railway Circle for his heads up to a new layer of 1928 aerial images available online at This is the first time I have had an accurate source of data for the Rockcliffe Park line and car house. The car house is now accurately reflected as well as the track plan for the loop and centre and south blocks of the car house but the layout for the north block remains undrawn due to a lack of information. The entire Rockcliffe line including the Rifle Range extension has been redrawn and includes the original wye at Cloverdale as well as the later Cloverdale loop and the later still loop at Buena Vista. The loop at end of the Rifle Range now reflects its original path but I am still not sure where the stop was. Other stops now marked on the map include 5 still remaining shelters on the Rockcliffe Park line that I do not have the names for yet and the Cloverdale stop.

Not being able to touch one thing without having to adjust the rest, the entire map for the Ottawa area excluding the Britannia Park line has been redrawn with respect paid to the current image from 2013 and the dead mans strip and curve radius including tail swing at intersections. The 1928 aerial layer has also allowed the correct location and size of the Experimental farm loop, the hospital loop, and the loops at Findlay and Clegg to be accurately located. The private right of way portion of the Lindenlea loop has been redrawn between Beechwood and Maple Lane and a new marker adder for the Ashbury stop. Another addition due to the 1928 aerials is original the two track maintenance yard that was located on the northwest corner of Byron and Holland.

Finally for the O.E.R. many thanks to Mr. Bruce Dudley for his recent recollections with the Ottawa Railway Circle that helped me get a really good map of both pre and post 1939 configurations of Confederation Square in Ottawa.

I was also able to rough in a new addition, the OC Transpo LRT. It is a trace of the currently available geo located layer available at the GeoOttawa site but is easier to see and use with my map. Once the system is complete and Google Earth posts an image I will redraw it to my standards.

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