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Posted by Paul Delamere on May 1, 2014 at 11:40 PM

Well here it is, the London Street Railway as it existed between 1922 and 1926 courtesy of the kindness of Don Lafreniere and the University of Western Ontario Map and Data Centre. This represents what was probably the height of the system as the book Dobin to Diesel states the first track reductions occurred in 1926. There are some issues with the map that will require further research, but for now I am very pleased with the results. I had travelled to London in the past to research the line with little fruit to bear and as a result (until now) London was the poorest represented system in the group. Now it is the star of the show with both rails of all tracks drawn to standard gauge, both car houses fully tracked and identified and all intersections drawn to specification with templates for accuracy. Issues with the map include the Springbank Park line west of Hillcrest drive. The 1922 aerial images used for this portion of the line run out here so west of this point is a best guess. The double track on Richmond street ends abruptly north of Oxford street where there was an inconsistency between the available map panels. The Broughdale loop has been left off until such time as a map or aerial image can be found to place it properly. Consequently the line I had drawn to the university from Richmond has also been left off. The tracks on St. James, Wellington street and Regent street were out of service by the time the maps I used were drawn, so they have not been connected to Richmond street properly. Other then that, I believe I have the most complete map ever created on the system and I invite your input, comments and criticisms.

Also updated due to these maps is the London and Port Stanley Railway within London. Alignment changes have been completed in Port Stanley due to the recent image update in Google Earth over the area. Also added are some minor changes to the St. Thomas Municipal Street Railway.

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